Nature as Subject.
The body as I.
The I as Nature.


I keep asking myself what consciousness is. I had a concussion in 2010 and my sensory coordination was out of order. The question of ”the nature of reality” became important on a daily basis to me.

Language is created in living bodies, says Merleau-Ponty. We are speaking animals, sounding bodies in a world of sounds that is experienced by other bodies.

I deal with the conscious mind as terra inkognita and perception as a door to the irrational. I am interested in the issue of borders, how we define borders around the Real, around the I, around Normality. How the ambuiguity of language construct reality.

In my present work I investigate soundscapes. I work with a kind of auditive archeological imaginative research of places, states and situations. Since ancient times people have seeked to influence, alter or transform consciousness via sounding vibrationes. I work in this tradition, to speak in to the body, through the cerebral emotional network, to the neurons of the heart.